WEB3 incentive Layer

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A platform to manage token incentive plan and token options grants.

  • Employee Token Ownership Plan (ETOP)
  • User Growth Token Incentive Plan (UGTIP)
  • Investor Token Incentive Plan (ITIP)


The visualized oracle of web3 incentive data.

Observation tool for successful incentive designs of Web3 projects. Token distribution , token vesting schedule , fundraising history , the mapping relation from equity to token…


A Token OTC trading platform. Massive immature tokens create huge trading opportunities.

  • Internal Trading Market

    Support internal token options trading among employees. Financial service for employee token option (token option collateral lending, exercise, buyback).

  • External Trading Market

    Support external token options trading , Token collateral lending , Token Brokerage


A open-sourced community aroud incentive templates.

We provide diverse incentive scenarios and incentive tools. We encourage developers, founders, investors, researchers and other builders to build an open source incentive library. Web3 projects could choose their incentive tool freely like lego to meet their own scenarios.

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