About Tbook.com


Tbook.com is dedicated to providing high quality computer and network technical support services for home office users. It is a division of Dominant Systems Corporation (www.domsys.com) which has been providing tech support services for corporate computer networks since 1987.

Our Philosophy

We believe that home office and small business computer users deserve high quality support services just like big companies. Our goal is to provide those services, whether you need telephone support, remote login, an onsite visit to your home/small business, or technology consulting, or just some expert advice, our experts are just a couple of web clicks away. 

Our 100% Solved Service Guarantee

Our proprietary tech support situation database allow us to solve virtually all problems you may run into with your home computer or home network. If we cannot provide a solution, we will gladly refund your money.  Please note that some of our solutions may include replacement of defective, aged, low quality, or unsupported hardware or software.   

Tbook Techs

When you book a tech at Tbook.com, you know you will be working with someone who has knowledge, skills and resources to resolve your computer problems quickly.


Corporate Outsourcing

We understand why corporate IT personnel may be reluctant to go to individual employee's homes to fix computer and network problems. When you outsource this service to us, your users will be visited by 100% vaccinated IT professionals, many with years of experience in IT.