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Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy
by Flutterbye Fairy
Model # 0077898807631
In stock at Walmart
on 8-5-2019.
Product Description

Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy:
  • The Flutterbye fairy toy can really fly and they light up the sky
  • Rainbow lights that shine as she soars
  • Give your Flutterbye a gentle whirl to see rainbow lights and skirts that twirl
  • Press the button on her decorative base, she will magically lift off into fairy flight
  • Guide her movement as she floats just inches over the palm of your hand
  • Raise your hand gently, she will fly higher
  • Lower your hand and she will follow your lead
  • Beautiful dress is surrounded by a colorful aura of rainbow light
  • The Flutterbye flying fairy doll requires 6 AA batteries (not included)
Reviews From Buyers
Thanks to BzzzAgent, my daughter was fortunate to try and play with Spin Master's Flutterbye Deluxe Light Up Fairies. I have a four year old girl and a 9 year old boy. My daughter was really excited to receive the Flutterbye fairy and start playing with it. We opened the package and read all the instructions. It takes like 10-15 minutes of setup and reading. I don't recommend just opening the box and giving it to the child right away. Once we ready we started to make the fairy fly. My son was also excited about the fairy flying. We were impressed with how high the fairy can go. The lights on the wings were an extra touch to the flight experience.My daughter kept telling the fairy that she needed more magic for air. The great thing about the toy is that she played with the doll without making it fly. She added the fairy to her doll collection because it is the same size as a lot of her other dolls. The other good thing about the doll is that you can display it on a nightstand or table because it has a small base. My daughter is displaying her doll on her nightstand next to her.Pros: Flutterbye is a toy that looks and feels like a normal doll. The doll has the extra feature of being able to fly. The lights on the wings are a very cool surprise especially if you turn off the lights in the room.Cons: When you make the Flutterbye doll stop flying it can land anywhere. You need to be below it to catch the doll or make sure it is not going to land somewhere dangerous.
  • Age Range:5 years and up
  • Can really fly and they light up the sky
  • Rainbow lights that shine as she soars

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