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GENIE SI-4000 Analog Multi-MicroPlate Genie Microplate Mixer, 120V
Model # WBB893087
In stock at Global Industrial
on 8-13-2019.
Product Description
GENIE® SI-4000 Analog Multi-MicroPlate Genie Microplate Mixer, 120V

The Multi-MicroPlate Genie provides aggressive and uniform mixing of up to four microplates with speeds from 750 RPM to 3200 RPM and a shaking orbit of 1.0mm diameter. An optional accessory tray is available to expand capacity for up to 8 microplates. This combination of features ensures complete mixing in each microplate well, even in 384-well formats Almost any type of skirted microplate can be used, regardless of material of construction, well height or number of wells. The Multi-MicroPlate Genie also features timed operation from 1-60 minutes, or continuous. This provides the freedom to perform other tasks while the Multi-MicroPlate Genie is in operation. The Multi-MicroPlate Genie is especially useful in molecular biology and immunology laboratories, or for any application that requires thorough and consistent microplate mixing. Increase capacity to 8 microplates with optional accessory tray.


Product Specifications

    • BRAND - Genie®
    • LENGTH INCHES - 13-1/4
    • WIDTH INCHES - 9-3/8
    • HEIGHT INCHES - 6-1/2
    • WEIGHT LBS - 8.1 lbs.
    • DESCRIPTION - Analog Multi-MicroPlate Genie Microplate Mixer
    • CAPACITY - 4 Microplates
    • VOLTAGE - 120V
    • LIMITED WARRANTY - 2 Years
    • SPEED RANGE - 750-3200 RPM
    • TIMER - 1-60 minutes or continuous
    • ORBIT DIAMETER - 1.0mm

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