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Ol' Roy Bacon Flavor Dry Dog Food, 50 Lb
by Ol' Roy
Model # 0068113107788
In stock at Walmart on 10-9-2017.
Product Description

Ol' Roy Bacon Flavor Adult Dry Dog Food 50 lb. Bag:
  • Formulated for Dogs of All Breeds & Sizes
  • 100% Complete & Balanced Nutrition for Adult Dogs
  • Great Tasting Bacon Flavor
  • Formulated with Vitamins & Minerals to Promote Overall Health
  • Calcium & Phosphorus for Strong Teeth & Bones
  • Tasty, Happy, Healthy
Reviews From Buyers
My dogs have always liked the Ol Roy regular food, so thought they would love this with the bacon flavor......No, they refuse to eat it. I tried on the outside dogs and the inside dogs. Outside dogs reluctantly eat it, but my inside dogs refuse to eat it. They love bacon, so I don't get it. Two bags to find a home for.
  • Delicious bacon flavor dog's cannot resist
  • 100% complete & balanced nutrition for adult dogs of all breeds
  • Calcium & phosphorus for strong teeth & bones
  • Formulated with vitamins & minerals to promote overall health

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