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80" Majestic Pet Cat Tree
by Majestic Pet
Model # 0078899578012
In stock at Walmart
on 10-21-2018.
Product Description
  • Sisal wrapped post
  • Lounging Platforms
  • Faux Fur
  • Easy Assembly
  • Tools Included
  • Reviews From Buyers
    We were having problems with two of our cats going up on top of the kitchen cabinets. Since we put their new perch in front of the picture window, no one has been bad. They do sometimes fight over who gets to use the cubby, but that's what sisters do. I plan on making more hanging toys play with, but overall we're thrilled and love to watch them play(and sleep)
    • Majestic Pet Products 80 inch Casita Cat Tree is covered in elegant faux fur
    • Sisal Rope wrapped posts that will withstand the toughest claws
    • This beautiful playground features a third story residence, multiple levels, a porthole, four perches, and

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