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Acroprint Model 125 Analog Manual Print Time Clock with Month Date 0-12 Hours Minutes
by Acroprint Time Recorder Company
Model # 0003329712050
In stock at Walmart
on 8-7-2019.
Product Description
  • Manual time recorder features automatic ribbon feed and reverse
  • Includes push-bar activation; month wheel manually advances
  • Time on face matches time stamped; prints minute, hour, date, day, and month
  • Offers a rustproof and corrosion-resistant construction
  • Use on desktop or mount on wall
Reviews From Buyers
Bought this tile clock about 4 years ago foa a small business with 6 employees. It replaced an Acroprint which appeared identical to this one which was 20 years old but was destroyed in a fire. It worked fine for a year even tho it was quite noisy and the month and day had to be manually reset each month- NO EASY TASK!! Then the clock face decal started coming off. Then last week it started losing about 20 minutes a day, just what you want with a time clock! Not going to try and fix it-just toss it in the garbage when it belongs!
  • Time clock type: mechanical
  • Number of employees: 100
  • Imprint style: 1-12 hours, date, minutes, month

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