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BRADSHAW INTERNATIONAL 24302 3Cup Steel Flour Sifter
by Bradshaw International
Model # 0007675324302
In stock at Walmart
on 10-29-2018.
Product Description
Durable Bright Steel With Scoop Edge & Side Crank
Reviews From Buyers
For the price you can not beat this sifter,I did a lot of research reading reviews for this and other brands, I believe I picked a winner:-Handle crank works smoothly and easily leaving No lumps. -- -Someone with Artheritis. Will have no problem. -Mesh holes do not seem to be too large,-Flour stayed inside of sifter, did not go flying out when turning crank as some reviews complained about. However I did not put 3 cups of flour in at one time. Not a big deal to me to slowly add flour. I probably put in 2 1/2 cups at a time,How long will it last only time will tell. I do not use a sifter that often. Mainly for Christmas cookies and an occasional desert.I think it will hold up as long as I do not abuse it, as the construction is simplistic. I plan to handwash and dry completely to prevent premature Rusting. I believe it is Stainless Steel.
  • Professional quality
  • 3 cup capacity
  • Durable crank mechanism

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