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5 Piece Nesting Non-stick Springform Cake Pan Set
by TrueCraftware
In stock at Walmart
on 11-6-2018.
Product Description
Complete set of
5 Springform Pans. This set offers you 3 different sizes for baking versatility.
Non-stick carbon steel with removable waffle-textured bottom.

Heavy-duty quick release clip for easy product removal and easy clean up.
This set is a must-have for any kitchen! The spring latch and removable bottom make baking much easier.
The durable carbon construction with nonstick coating makes it easy to store and clean.

Additionally, the pans can stack nicely inside one another so a lot of space is not wasted during storage.

These springform pans have many versatile uses besides baking cake, such as cheesecakes, tortes, pizza, quiches and frozen desserts.
Diameters for the springform pans are as follows: 7.09 inch
7.87 inch

8.6 inch

9.45 inch

  • Set of 5 - Springform Cake Pans
  • High Quality Carbon Steel Pans - Springform pans nest into one another
  • Features Heavy Duty Quick-Release Clip, and latch securely holds form together offering a tight leak-proof seal

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