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WWE No Mercy 2004
Model # 0065119155710
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on 10-19-2018.
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WWE No Mercy 2004
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Only one Title Change on this night!Eight matches---Eddie Guerrero faced off VS Luther Reigns one of Angles stooges2) CW--Spike VS Nunzio too much interference from Dudley Boyz for it to change hands but did come close!3) A Tag team break up Paul London VS Billy Kidman former Champs too much Vengeance and blood, London had internal bleeding after this one and was carried out!4) Tags--Dupree and Kenzo VS Mysterio and RVD Kenzo got the pin but held the ropes !5) Show got to pick who he faced here Eddie or Angle since he has issues with both!He picked Angle Because he shot him with a animal tranquilizer dart!Angle got thrown around a lot decided to give up and take a count out, Teddy Long however said match continues or your fired!6) Booker T best of 5 series match 5 for USA VS Cena***guess who Won!7) Haas, Rico, Jackie VS Dudley's and Dawn Marie8) WWE World--- JBL VS Undertaker in a Last Ride Match has to be taken out in a hearse could it get much worse? How about a nurse? Or even a purse!
WWE No Mercy 2004

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