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Star Trek (2009) ( (DVD) + Digital Copy)
by Paramount Pictures
Model # 0009736071814
In stock at Walmart
on 11-6-2018.
Product Description
Star Trek (2009) ( (DVD) %2B Digital Copy)
Reviews From Buyers
When I first heard that there were talks about a new Star Trek movie based on Kirk and Spock's academy days I was cautious as to expect much of anything. Like most Trek fans I have come to know and love the characters we are all familiar with and am always a little leary of change.As I started to see previews of the new movie my interest started to rise. By the time the movie came out I was excited to see it and now i've seen it 6 times. Needless to say, I enjoyed the movie and look forward in seeing what they can do with things in the sequels that are sure to follow.
  • Product Name : Paramount 097360718140 Star Trek
  • Actors : Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg
  • Directors : J.J. Abrams

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