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Just The Facts: Understanding Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet
Model # 0074345211012
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on 11-6-2018.
Product Description
Everyone should be familiar with the timeless works of William Shakespeare. Now with Understanding Shakespeare, everyone can! This Tragedy Series brings four of Shakespeare's greatest plays to life, with the skilled help of classically trained actors and internationally renowned Shakespearean scholars. Key scenes are acted, analyzed and interpreted throughout the plays. Insightful comments help explain meaning, characters, motives, background action and plot. Whether or nor you have read Shakespeare before, this program is the best way to understand, appreciate and enjoy the majesty of his greatest tragedies. Romeo and Juliet: Although Romeo and Juliet inch is based on the long-standing hatred between two families, it is a tale of star-crossed lovers that is perhaps the greatest tragic love story in English literature. In their heedless passion for each other, Romeo and Juliet defy the rules of their world to be together. The Capulets and Montagues, warring families of Verona, are ultimately united by Romeo and Juliets doomed relationship. A classic story that has since seen many modern interpretations.

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