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Babylon 5: The Complete First Season: Signs & Portents
Model # 0088392904620
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Product Description
The award-winning series about the space station that's the tumultuous center of the 23rd Century's bid for peace among humans and aliens hyperdrives onto DVD in a Deluxe 6-Disc Set. Featuring 22 episodes digitally remastered for upgraded picture and sound as well as enticing Exclusive Extras, Babylon 5: The Complete First Season - Signs and Portents inch is an adventure-packed, state-of-the-universe collectible that will mesmerize fans and space creatures everywhere. Audio Commentary, Documentaries, Featurettes. Introduction by Series Creator J. Michael Straczynski; Behind 'Babylon 5' Dossier of Documentaries: The Making of 'Babylon 5' and Back to 'Babylon 5'; The Universe of 'Babylon 5': Take a Station Tour and Explore the Humans, Aliens, Political Situations, Scientific Data, Tech Files, Weaponry and Hardware of this Unique Futuristic Era; Episode Previews; English, French and Spanish Subtitles.
Reviews From Buyers
This sure takes me back to my college days. The Babylon 5 series was great the first time around and is just as good now! The strength of this series is the great writing, acting and complex series long story arc. Not to mention, very interesting and believable charactors. These make up for the weaknesses such as dated looking effects and sets. Overall one of the best Sci-Fi shows ever!
Warner Home Video Babylon 5-season 1 [dvd/6 Disc/viva]

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