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Captain America: Civil War (Blu-ray)
by Buena Vista
Model # 0078693685038
In stock at Walmart
on 1-27-2018.
Reviews From Buyers
I bought online both Marvel: Guardians Of The Galaxy (Blu-ray) and Captain America: Civil War (Blu-ray) thinking that they would have the DMA included with them, or at least I was hoping that they would. I picked up my movies at the store and noticed that the Guardians Of The Galaxy didn't have any stickers on the outside of it given any reason for me to think that the digital version was included and the sales clerk agreed. Being that you can only exchange the movie once you've opened it for the same movie I returned it right away instead of taking any chances with it. While the Captain America: Civil War (see photo) had the large Vudu and Disney Anywhere sticker on it I assumed that the digital version was included but after getting home and entering the code to only find out that I got reward points and not the digital movie did I see the small print where it says \"Digital Copy not included\". Which I'm a little peeved about because why have a sticker on it saying Vudu and Disney Anywhere if you're not including it with the physical disc?So now I'm total stuck with a movie that I don't and can't get a digital copy of unless I re-buy the darn thing. To make the matter worst everyone is selling the digital copy for the same price as Walmart's physical sale of the disc.
Captain America-civil War [blu-ray] (Buena Vista)

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