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Angels Over Broadway
by Sony
Model # 0004339647172
In stock at Walmart
on 6-6-2018.
Product Description
Charles Mitchell has been caught embezzling. He writes a suicide note and goes out wandering on the town. Small-time hustler Bill O'Brian sees him give a couple of big tips, figures he's rich, and plans to take him over to a big-time card game and fleece him. He enlists Nina Barone to help get Mitchell to the game. She goes along but is more interested in O'Brien than in his schemes. Meanwhile, a perpetually drunk and none too successful playwright, Gene Gibbons, finds the suicide note. He cooks up a scheme (with the reluctant aid of O'Brien) to get the money Mitchell needs to pay back his employer and save his life.
ATTENTION: REQUIRES REGION COMPATIBLE PLAYERAngels Over Broadway (DVD NEW)Label: Sony Made On DemandFormat: DVD MODRelease Date: 01 Dec 2015No. of Discs: 1UPC: 043396471726

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