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Maxi Cosi Adorra 5-in-1 Modular Travel System, Nomad Black
by Maxi Cosi
In stock at Walmart
on 7-25-2019.
Product Description
  • The lightweight and comfortable-to-carry Mico Max 30 infant car seat supports babies rear-facing from 4-30 pounds, while the Adorra stroller ensures a comfy ride for children up to fifty pounds.
  • Carriage mode with full recline keeps infants comfy in the stroller, and the included Cozi-Dozi infant inserts provide extra support for smaller babies in both car seat and stroller.
  • Superior safety for baby with Air Protect Side Impact Protection built into the car seat, a car seat base featuring rebound protection, and a flip-out visor for maximum UV protection.
  • Both the Adorra stroller and Mico Max 30 car seat pads are machine washable and dryer safe. The Mico Max 30 features easily removable fabrics for cleaning: the innovative design allows you to take it off and put it back on without rethreading the harness.
  • Includes parent cup holder/tray to keep smaller items close by, and an extra-large basket that expands to fit larger items.
Reviews From Buyers
I truly loved this stroller when we first got it. I saved and saved to spend the $600 on the travel system, hoping it would get us through all our kids, or at least two. This was our first baby so I didn't know what to look for, but I loved how beautiful it was. However, I noticed a few things within a month or so of first using it: 1) The rear brake is VERY easy to step on accidentally, halting the stroller quickly. I am only 5' tall, and in order to NOT step on the brake I had to extend the handle all the way out which is technically taller than I need. 2) The front wheels lock ALL THE TIME on their own, making it very hard to steer until you unlock them. It happens almost every time I put the stroller in our car. 3) The parent cup holder and pouch are terrible. I never use them because it just makes the stroller wider and harder to get through doors. The fact that maxi-cosi doesn't offer a more usable parent storage, or even a snack tray for the child is ridiculous to me and I would 100% have chosen another product just for that reason had I thought it through. 4) The infant carrier wobbles even when it's latched in properly. We used it for a year that way and it never came apart, but it made us uneasy. 5) The wheels are harder plastic that I realized, with no option to switch them out to rubber. Not something I would have noticed before experiencing it, but bouncier/rubber tires would probably help the maneuverability a lot, especially in an older neighborhood like ours with large bumps and cracks in the sidewalk everywhere. 6) It is not easy to fold when the seat is attached. If just the frame (when using with infant carrier) it's much easier. AFTER USING IT FOR A YEAR, unfortunately when I switched to the full seat I realized pretty quickly how hard it is to fold, how heavy, and how bulky it is. Again, new mom here so I don't have much to compare it to, but it's almost impossible to fold using one hand and when you have a 17 month old who doesn't follow direction yet but can run like the wind, there are times when you need to fold that thing one handed. I also do not like the straps that come with the seat. They are weird and flimsy and it's very difficult to get a squirming toddler strapped in because you have to put both straps over the shoulder and then slide them together before you can latch it into the bottom (unlike the carseat where you can slide their arms in and hook them to each other before you have to attach to the bottom piece. In addition, the foam handle is completely falling apart, the side cap was missing when I originally purchased it, and it just doesn't seem to be holding up like a $600 travel system should. The front wheels constantly lock, maneuverability gets worse and worse as time goes on. After several exhausting emails and phone conversations with customer service, they sent a replacement stroller in a color combination I don't like, but was planning to keep if it seemed like it would hold up better. The handle is EXACTLY THE SAME as the one that fell apart, even though they ensured me it had been updated. In addition, I'm already noticing issues with the wheels and I haven't even taken it outside. After contacting them once again, they offered a PARTIAL refund, but told me I had to destroy my original stroller (via video chat) before they would even send return labels for me to send back the second unused stroller. This was after I had already shelled out an additional $145 deposit so that I wouldn't have to go without a stroller. So now they're expecting me to live without a stroller (with a 17 months old, no thanks), for however long it takes for me to schedule the video chat to destroy the first one, and then receive and send back the old one, and wait 7-10 days for a PARTIAL refund check to arrive. And I'm now I'm starting from scratch researching other manufacturers and products so we can purchase a new stroller. This just isn't what I expected when we paid $600 for a travel system. I also own three infant carseat bases ($100 a piece) and two Pria 85s ($270 a piece), almost $1500 in Maxi Cosi items.
  • Choose between forward or rear facing in carriage mode

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