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JOHNSON'S Baby Powder 22 oz (Pack of 2)
In stock at Walmart
on 3-22-2019.
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It has always been the familiar fragrance pleasing all my senses at once that reveals itself to my memory. This being the result of past personal experiences over many years and on several continents and in many climes and conditions. The reassuring knowledge that a soothing comfort was soon to be mine reassures one. The memories are multiple and not one is atop any hierarchy of the senses, as stored in my personal memory. Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder was the first addition to my belongings, as I traveled and lived in many places in both pleasant and trying circumstances. It soothed cracked and rough skin, while I served many decades ago, as an Infantry troop in Viet Nam. It was the first thing I packed in my pack on long hikes on the Appalachian Trail. It soothed tender skin as I dressed for the rigors of daily life on an Island some 38 miles from Siberia in the North Bering Sea, and also while living, working and traveling around the surrounding regions of the Norton Sound area of Northwest Alaska.Each day after showering and readying for my work a day world back in the USA Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder is at arm's length each morning. Initially, I thought that I might being making an overstatement in applying a line most associated with science; but Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder is úsimple but elegant. Yet, a long experience and uninterrupted satisfaction does make the simple phrase most appropriate. Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder is úsimple but elegant.
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