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Everstart SS24-4-77 4-Gauge Switch to Starter Battery Cable, 24-Inches
by EverStart
Model # 0002989275984
In stock at Walmart
on 8-11-2018.
Product Description

Everstart SS24-4-77 4-Gauge Switch to Starter Battery Cable, 24-Inches:
  • Designed for use with 6-12-volt batteries
  • Eliminates the dangers of lead contamination
  • RoHS compliant for added safety
  • Made of 100 percent copper and offers superior conductivity
  • Cable fits most 6-12-volt batteries
  • Two ends, both with a metal eye
  • Heavy-duty construction of 4-gauge battery cable, 24
  • Tough vinyl insulation
  • Lifetime quality
  • Color: black
  • Measures: 7.48L x 1W x 2.56H
  • Products for the security, sound, telecommunications, electrical construction, retail, commercial, industrial, irrigation, HVAC and automotive markets
  • A family of leading brands such as Designers Edge, Fire Shield and Woods
Reviews From Buyers
I used a bunch of these cables to interconnect a bank of 6V golf cart batteries for a small solar power installation. The cables are strong yet very flexible. The terminals are strong and large, with large eye holes. All is made of copper and the lugs are then tin coated to prevent tarnish. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to connect batteries together and doesn't want to hassle with buying cable and DIY terminals, and the needed crimper, to make their own.
  • Switch to starter battery cable
  • Cable constructed from 100 percent copper
  • 4-gauge

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