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Fram Group AS180Y Radiator Flush Cleaner, 22-oz.
by Fram Group
Model # 0079749687657
In stock at Walmart
on 8-11-2018.
Product Description
22 OZ, Radiator Cleaner, Premium Formulation Is Designed To Remove Heavy Rust & Scale Deposits In Neglected Cooling Systems, Deposits Can Dramatically Restrict Coolant Flow & Reduce Heat Transfer, Which May Lead To Possible Overheating, Breakdown, Or Costly Repair, A Super Chelating Additive Effectively Removes Heavy Deposits By Drawing Metal Oxides Into The Solution, Though Strong Enough To Help Restore Maximum Cooling System Efficiency, Non-Toxic, Non-Acidic, Easy To Use & Safe For All Cooling System Metals.
  • Radiator Flush/Cleaner, 22-oz.
  • 797496876577

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