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Yuneec Breeze Drone With 4K Camera (Bluetooth Controller Included)
by Yuneec
Model # 0081364602938
In stock at Walmart
on 2-18-2019.
Product Description
  • App Enabled
  • 12 Minute Flight Time
  • Device Ready
  • 260 Foot Range
  • Automated Flight Modes
  • 4K Video Resolution
  • 13MP Still Images
  • Follow Me Mode
  • Indoor Positioning System (IPS)
  • 720 HD Live View
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Controller Included

  • Fly using physical controls 
  • Share images and video to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Stream to Facebook Live
  • Free Downloadable App 
Reviews From Buyers
I have owned one of these for 3 years, recently I bought one for my Son and My son in law cause now they are in the $149 to $180 range, which includes either 2 batts, or one batt and the controller. I would go with the one batt and controller. To me this flies way better using the provided controller over just using the Cell Phone. This is by no means a DJI or some $700-$1000 drone you can fly 400 feet high and 1000 feet out, NO. This is designed to be as a selfie and or park camera, for those heights of 150-170 feet high and distance of about 200-250 feet out. Remember this is wifi, so the connection and signal strength depends on the phone you use. 1st of all you have to be using a cell phone that has dual band cause this uses the 5ghz band, not 2.4ghz. Next I recommend not to use your day to day phone, that you have WiFi, blu tooth and data coming in with 500 apps on it. Your just asking for troubles. I bought me a cell phone without being connected to a carrier just to fly all my drones that require a cell phone. No blu tooth turned on, NO data, only apps installed are the ones needed to fly the drones. I un-install all the useless bloatware and any app used for emails or for cell phone call use, dont need them, makes the cell phone faster and of all the flights with my Breeze, Mavic and Bebop, zero problems over the past 2 years, none what so ever. I find the Yuneec breeze pretty easy once to check for updates, install the app, then go through all the setup settings including the most important, calibration. If your using the controller the only one you can use on the app is \"controller inch once your inside to the app to fly, all the others you can only use with a cell phone. I find the VR glasses useless, glad they are not included any longer. The 1080p Video is electronic stabilized but is not perfect, only works with slight shaking or movement of the breeze, on windy days and the breeze is tilted to compensate, your video will be off axis also. 30fps is all you can get with the video. Does 4k, but pretty useless, unless you take it super slow on a perfect calm day, cause there is NO stabilization on 4k, which I dont care, I dont need 4k anyway. Extra batteries are cheap, roughly $30 each. I found connecting to wifi simple and fast, even with the newest firmware. Return home works good within 1-2 feet from take off point when it came back and landed. If you need to control the breeze after using the return to home, you must turn the return to home off as there is no stick inputs allowed in that mode. Simple to take off, counts down to 0 from 3 seconds and lands with that same push of a button, motors only start and stop after pushing that button to take off and stop after landing. NO SD card, all pics and video saved inside the breeze itself, on a 8gb memory. It gives you about 6.5gb of actual space, mine came off easy with my windows 7 desk top. It uses optical flow tech that helps steady the drone in close ground hovers, with GPS I get anywhere from 17 to 22 sats. One thing to remember if you plan to fly inside you must turn the GPS off, just dont forget to turn that back on when you go back outside to fly.
Yuneec Breeze Drone With 4k Camera (Bluetooth Controller Included)

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