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Vizio 50 Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) HDR Smart LED TV (D50x-G9)
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on 4-29-2019.
Product Description

VIZIO 50 Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) HDR Smart LED TV (D50x-G9)

  • Full-Array LED backlight Evenly distributes LEDs across the screens backlight for superior light uniformity and picture performance. 

  • Spatial Scaling Engine Beautifully transforms HD and Full HD content to spectacular 4K Ultra HD resolution. 

  • Chromecast built-in Download Chromecast-enabled apps to your smartphone, then simply tap the Cast button to stream on the TV. Discover a range of free, subscription or paid content from thousands of apps.

  • Use Voice To Control The TV This VIZIO D-Series is the perfect smart-home companion, offering voice-control support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • VIZIO WatchFree Over 100 live and internet streaming channels absolutely FREE live news, movies, movies, sports, comedy, music and more. No fees, subscriptions or logins.

  • Quick Start Mode Enable Quick Start Mode to turn on your TV on automatically with a tap of the Cast button. By enabling Quick Start Mode, the energy consumption required to operate this TV will change.   

  • Download VIZIO SmartCast Mobile Use your smartphone to control and stream to the TV from any room in your home.

  • 8-core Performance  Quad-core GPU and Quad-core CPU for blazing fast performance and faster, smoother onscreen graphics.  

  • 802.11ac Dual-Band Wi-Fi Take advantage of todays fastest wireless speeds for a higher quality streaming experience, perfect for 4K and HDR video.

  • 3 UHD-Ready HDMI Ports Supporting the latest HDMI standards, this D-Series allows you to connect to UHD-enabled Blu-Ray players and game consoles. 

  • USB Multimedia Play photos, music, and video right on the big screen using the built-in USB ports. 

  • DTS Studio Sound II Advanced virtual surround sound audio from the TV's two built-in speakers.
Reviews From Buyers
I want to start out by saying that this 55 inch Vizio TV is pretty incredible -- with its extremely high quality imagery and inclusion of almost every high-tech TV usage feature, it is basically the TV of the future. Since the TV has a crazy amount of features and cool capabilities, I am going detail a few of them (with my added opinions) in bulleted form: - Image Quality: It's 2018 -- If I'm going to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of technology then it better not disappoint when it comes to high quality graphics and screen imagery. I can say firsthand that this Vizio TV does NOT disappoint! The screens (which is 4K and HD) shows images with INCREDIBLE detail (see attached photos), and it also has a built-in image quality that improves the contrast between black and white pixels AND makes colors show up even deeper. I know this is something that the company claims when marketing the product, but when you see the TV in action you will realize that the screen really does show incredible image quality and the colors look incredible. In my opinion, I don't think you can have a much better image quality on a TV without getting that is optimized for 3D or VR image display. - Streaming Service Compatibilities: this Smart TV is compatible with pretty much anything you'd want to watch! Including the big ones: Netflix, Hulu, HBO, YouTube; and others too: Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, iHeart Radio, Vudu, Fandango, NBC, etc. You will never have to worry about being able to watch a certain show on this TV! For me personally, if I'm buying a Smart TV, this wide compatibility is extremely important to me. (See my attached photo for an image of the home screen displaying several apps.) - Ease of Use (The App): The Chrome Cast App feature in this TV is personally my favorite. Of course, the TV comes with a remote, but if you are too lazy to move from the couch to find the remote you can control the TV via an app on your phone! The app is super user-friendly, and it shows you all your options while you are controlling the TV. - Ease of Use (Chrome Cast): Additionally, if you want to show something from your phone or computer on the screen that isn't within the app (ex: Facebook pages, work Powerpoints, etc.), you can super easily display anything from your phone or laptop onto the screen using Chrome Cast. If you haven't used chrome cast before, you should note that it's TOTALLY cordless, so you can sync your phone or computer up with the TV (operates like bluetooth) and broadcast your show onto it without needing an HDMI cord. This means that if you are connected to chrome cast, you can just pull up a movie on YouTube on your phone and cast it onto the TV using the app. Pretty cool! - Smart Capabilities: These days, many of us are SUPER lazy, and we don't even want to open an app on our phones to use technology! Luckily, this Vizio TV actually connects to Smart Home technology --- so you can operate the TV by voice command! However, it's important to note that the TV doesn't come with a Smart Home device (Since I personally don't own any Smart technology, this feature isn't useful to me). However, I think it's great that Vizio partnered with both Amazon and Google so you can use either an Alexa or Google Home with this TV. I could see my mom (who is not great with her phone or operating apps -- but LOVE her Alexa) using this feature all the time. - Screen Size: Today, we have tons of technology to think about when shopping for a TV, but don't forget about considering size in the purchase because it will always be important! My personal advice to any shopper would always be to take measurements to get the perfect fit for your room. When was initially viewing these TVs I thought that I wanted the 65 inch (duh!) because it's HUGE and awesome. After further speculation, I realized that the largest possible size I could fit in my small living room (without it looking ridiculous) would be the 55 inch option. My takeaway for you? These TVs are BIG. This may sound obvious, but even the 55 inch in screen is huge. However, if you want to maximize image quality, note that out of the four screen size options within this model (43\", 50\", 55 inch and 65\"), the 43 inch is the only one that has a slightly worse image quality than the others. Don't be fooled -- the quality is still incredible -- but it doesn't have 4K image display like the others, instead it only has HD. I think if you want a TV that looks large, but not ridiculously large like the 65\", then this 55 inch is the perfect size. - TV Thickness Size: If you are a well-researched shopper, you might be torn between getting this newer Vizio TV model and getting one of last year's models. Yes - this year has slightly newer technology, improved imagery, etc. --- but if you don't care about all that then why not get last year's model at a cheaper price? I would personally suggest getting the 2017 model if you think it is just as good for your tech needs, but you should note that this year's screen thickness is even thinner than last years! I personally think this thin screen is an incredibly cool feature -- it makes the TV a little less bulky and a little more sophisticated and high-tech looking.Personally, if I am going to spend more than $250 on any item, it had better be on of the best on the market with extremely high quality technology -- and technology that I am actually capable of working myself! In the case of this Vizio TV, I think its top notch technology is actually worth the money. I would definitely recommend this product to customers, but I would also recommend that they measure their living room wall before picking a huge size. I am writing this review as part of a contest.
  • High Dynamic Range - Experience dazzling color and contrast from HDR-enable streaming apps, Ultra HD Blu-ray players and game consoles
  • 4K Ultra HD Picture - Enjoy every scene in breaktaking detail and clarity with over 8 million pixels, 4x the resolution of 1080p Full HD.
  • Smart TV - Instant access to popular apps right on the TV using the included remote, making finding something to watch more fun - discover new shows including movies in 4K Ultra HD and HDR

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