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Dell Inspiron 15 5000 15.6" Touchscreen Notebook Computer, Intel Core i5-4210U 1.7GHz, 8GB RAM, 1 TB HDD,...
Model # 0088411614799
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Product Description

Modern materials, sleek exterior: The Inspiron 15 (Intel) is up to 21% thinner and 19% lighter than previous models, and more beautiful than ever before. The elegant brushed aluminum design is poised to impress at the coffee shop, airport or wherever you're headed next. Plus, it stays cool to the touch after hours of use.
Reviews From Buyers
My problems started before my laptop arrived but having gone too long without a laptop, when it did come any ill-feelings disappeared when i took my shiny new Inspiron out of its box. It looked gorgeous and felt sturdy but no sooner than id got excited, I got my first (or second?) disappointment: The right corner of the laptop had a huge flaw, the plastic and aluminium casing were completely separated, to the point where i could almost see underneath the keyboard. It was slight, but a huge annoyance all the same, Sadly it just got worse, and thought it would pop back together when i closed it, it often came back apart. to summerize, this is the worst built laptop ive EVER owned. Maybe i'm just unlucky and someone was asleep when it went out... i sure hope so.Then there was the 25 minute restart after its third use, and the even longer one on its 4th (which i tried to get video of but it was long enough to use up the memory it my phone: I do have tree minutes of it, which is long enough really).Growing more concerned that ive been landed with a useless piece of kit I started checking everything, ad comparing it to my housemates laptoos... without saying to much; a five year old model ran just as smooth.Another issue was the battery: twice i got less than 3 hours use (albeit some heavy use) but a far far cry away from the promised 6. The screen reads as \"one hour, forty nine minutes remaining inch when close to 100% charge. It asnt always right, but it eliminates the point of having and indicator when its hours off. But worse again, sometimes it was.To add to the mass amount of problems the freaking left clcik of the mouse refused to work at random intervals... thank god for the touch screen.Windows 8 works great on it and all, but when it comes to \"Multimedia inch it just doesn't compare to other laptops on the market.i would give it more than one star, but the Dell system of what a \"star inch means just wouldnt be right, cause there is nothing \"fair inch about the machine i received... Its poor, everything about it is poor. And im alot poorer having purchased it, and have used up an entire week of my life trying dealing with it.Ive owned two Dells before, and could not give better reviews for them, but it seems a lot has changed.i will say that the touch screen is one of the best ive used (I shopped around in stores and found nothing as functional) and at least they got that right, but for me there really was nothing else.I dont know if my experience is indicative of the current Inspiron series, or Dell computers as a whole but considering how bad its been, and how little can be done; I'll never take the chance in finding out.
Dell Inspiron 15.6" i5547-5001SLV Touch Laptop i5-4210U 1TB HDD 8GB RAM Win 8.1

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